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we are the manufacturer of big brands like Milton, Ceilo Ayur Copper. International Brands.

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Shipping and returns
  1. Packaging:

    • Begin with high-quality packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, sturdy cardboard boxes, and tape.
    • Wrap each handicraft item individually with bubble wrap or tissue paper to protect against scratches and breakage.
    • Use additional padding, such as packing peanuts or crumpled paper, to fill empty spaces within the box and provide extra cushioning.
  2. Documentation:

    • Prepare all necessary shipping documentation, including invoices, packing slips, and any required customs forms.
    • Clearly label each package with the recipient's address, contact information, and any special handling instructions.
  3. Customs Compliance:

    • Verify the customs regulations and requirements for the destination country. Include all required documentation, such as a commercial invoice and a certificate of origin.
    • Clearly declare the contents of the package and assign accurate values to each item for customs purposes.
Product care

Handicraft manufacturing often aligns with fair trade principles, ensuring that artisans receive fair compensation for their labor and skills. This ethical approach to trade promotes social justice and helps break the cycle of exploitation that can be prevalent in mass production industries.

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Explore Copper Bottle Excellence - Inquiry Form


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